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Freestanding Kitchen

Welcome to Crusoe: Freestanding Kitchens for Living

By January 19, 2023January 26th, 2023No Comments

For those of you yet to have delved into the world of freestanding kitchens, it’s time to close your eyes and let your imagination run wild because they are exactly what they say on the tin. They’re thoughtfully designed kitchen pieces that aren’t fixed to anything. Not your walls or your floor, giving you the freedom to consider exactly how you configure your space in any way you like, and then rearrange it whenever you want or need to. That’s exactly what Crusoe is all about.

The sister company to Olive & Barr, they’re a revolutionary kitchen company born from the ever-increasing desire for a more freestanding design, and they’re led by a team of experts that know exactly how to make timeless kitchen units built to be passed down from generation to generation, all crafted in our West Country workshop. They’re about inspiring forward-thinkers to unravel the constraints of conformity and create kitchens the way you desire. 

Here’s everything you might need to know:

What Exactly is a Freestanding Kitchen?

A freestanding kitchen is a type of kitchen layout where the cabinets, counters, and appliances are not connected to the walls of the room, and are instead arranged in an island formation. This type of kitchen layout can also be referred to as a “kitchen island” layout, thanks to the cabinets and counters being arranged in an island formation in the middle of the room. However you arrange them, though, is up to you. That’s the entire point.

They allow you to do things your way, and change them when you feel inspired. They’re about embracing flexibility in the kitchen as you reposition, add or even remove units and pieces to create the perfect space for your ever-changing life. Increase your counter space, add to your storage options and adjust your layout to suit your personal tastes. 

Can You Customise A Freestanding Kitchen?

Simply answered: yes, and then some. That’s what makes this type of kitchen so innovative; you can create a kitchen to suit your lifestyle, your personality, your everything. From the handles to the hinges, the sinks to the spice racks, drawers, dressers, pantries, cabinets, islands, units and everything in between. They’re about unlocking your design dreams and giving you the scope to move your kitchen furniture around so that you can enjoy a new look whenever you please, making them an ideal option for modern day living.

Blend the colours and styles, integrate your work spaces, play around with materials according to their functions and escape the restrictions of fitted kitchens that tend to be dictated by worktop lengths and fittings. It’s time to take back control and create a kitchen that blends your cooking space, family life, interior design and ergonomics.

Are Freestanding Kitchens Easy To Fit?

One of the most liberating features of a freestanding kitchen is that you don’t need a kitchen fitter to install your kitchen furniture. Instead, freestanding kitchens create an opportunity for your kitchen to evolve with you as the years come and go. And because you have the freedom to simply add and change your different pieces of kitchen furniture to compliment each chapter in your story, you don’t have to worry that you or your family will outgrow the kitchen you’ve chosen. And if you move home, you can simply take your unfitted kitchen with you and configure it to suit.

To help you with, we’ve even put together a helpful installation guide to walk you through each stage.

What Are The Benefits of a Freestanding Kitchen?

The benefits of freestanding kitchens are numerous, and they’re all geared toward simplicity, versatility, freedom and creativity as you configure your kitchen to work exactly how you want it to, changing up the layout and the way you use your space. 

Versatility: Freestanding kitchen units allow you to move them around to suit your whims. Create more space to mingle when you’re entertaining guests, create dedicated preparation stations for those days when the whole family cooks together, or move your pantries and storage units into a totally different room when an occasion calls for it. 

Simple Yet Innovative: With no need for a  professional kitchen, not only are you saving time, money and stress, you’re also free to arrange your pieces exactly as you wish, creating a kitchen that’s as unique as you. What’s more, by strategically arranging your units, you can make subtle statements, embrace effortless style and even make small cookspaces look and feel bigger than they actually are without any hassle.

Aesthetics: A freestanding kitchen gives you the chance to unleash your inner interior designer, get creative and scroll through Pinterest without feeling envious of other people’s layouts. They allow you to chop and change, add a stylish look to a kitchen and mix n’ match so many components, from colours to materials to styles. 

Why Choose A Crusoe Freestanding Kitchen?

Crusoe Kitchen was created with the aim of spearheading the freestanding kitchen revolution. Led by a team of experts, artisans and craftspeople, they have entered the market with some of the most innovative pieces of furniture that are designed to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around. 

Crusoe is about shaking off the shackles of history, embracing the freedom of expression and need as you redefine your space, bringing family life, interior design and ergonomics back together as one. 

And if that’s not enough, their freestanding kitchens are handmade right here in the UK using the highest quality materials, innovative craftsmanship and sustainable practices. This means that not only do they stand the test of time, but if you move home, you can simply take your unfitted kitchen with you and configure it to suit. Along with that, by choosing a freestanding kitchen it eradicates the need for the additional resources and energy used in manufacturing a new one sooner.

Thanks for reading our introduction to Crusoe Kitchens. To learn more, head to their website or follow them on Instagram