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6 Simple Tips To Creating An Industrial-Style Kitchen

By August 25, 2022No Comments
Industrial-style kitchen with polished concrete worktops and floor

When it comes to creating a cool kitchen space, you can’t go wrong with an industrial vibe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing it from scratch or looking for ways to amp up your current one, there’s something about that stripped-back industrial look that manages to take your kitchen up a level no matter what kind of property you live in. They’re raw and edgy, laid-back and lived-in, all while showcasing those kitchen bits that are normally hidden. That’s the power and beauty of brick, steel, copper and concrete.

That’s what an industrial kitchen is all about. Creating a functional, open space that is as easy to navigate as it is cool to stare at, the cocktail of old features and new elements creating a stripped-back atmosphere that enhances every experience: cooking, eating, entertaining. Industrial-style kitchens feel both effortless and relaxed.

And to help you bring this look into your own home, we’ve pulled together a list of stylish additions that will help you recreate this showstopping style. 

What Exactly is an Industrial-Style Kitchen?

Characterised by raw materials, tough fixtures and metallic finishes that steal the limelight, industrial-style kitchens are designed to be simple, utilitarian spaces that use an exciting plethora of materials, such as stainless steel, exposed brick and polished concrete. Yet it’s not just about using tough-looking elements because industrial-style kitchens are also incredibly easy to maintain and live in. 

Layer Up With Different Tones

To create that simple, stylish and sophisticated look, darker colours are almost-always the go to.  But you still want to create a sense of depth and intrigue, without your kitchen feeling like it has a monotone scheme. To do this, try layering up different tones and shades to open up your space a little bit more. Something as simple as adding moments of silver, chrome or even mirrored surfaces will help the light bounce around, while also adding that extra hint of glamour. 

That could be a state-of-the-art stove set amongst your ark cabinetry, a rustic mirror to break up your exposed brick wall, or just using materials with a smooth finish to highlight the beauty of your shaker-style cabinets and raw materials. 

Select Statement Pieces

What makes an industrial-style kitchen pop are the finishes. Get that right and, with just a couple of perfectly-picked additions, you’ll find another level of interest has been injected into your space. That could be as simple as adding a chrome extractor fan, adding pendant lights above your kitchen island, creating a feature wall by exposing the brick, adding steel accessories to your worktops, opting for matte-black hardware, popping a metal drinks trolley in the corner or adding caged accessories here, there and everywhere. After all, it’s all in the details. 

Polished Concrete Worktops

We recently completed a project where the floors and worktops were made to match with polished concrete, and it looked phenomenal. Stylish and sophisticated, edgy, elegant and ideal for that minimalist finish required to create the industrial look. Yet the benefits go so much further than just the aesthetics. Opting for polished concrete is also extremely durable, environmentally friendly and it helps create that extra layer of depth, not just through its exciting texture, but by helping the light subtly dance across your surfaces in a way that feels relaxing and rare. 

What’s more, it makes accessorising your space even more fun. For instance, simply adding a bright print to the wall will help make your kitchen look even sharper as it pops against the simple backdrop of pale concrete. The same goes for the bits and bobs you add to the surface itself: steel utensil pots, wire fruit bowls, copper pots and pans, all of which will look stylish while also enhancing the functionality when it comes to cooking. 

Go Metallic With Your Appliances

Another way to easily implement that sought-after industrial edge is to go metallic with your choice of appliances and bigger accessories. Chrome stoves, metallic dishwashers, shiny fridges and matching wine coolers will all help you create a sleek finish that sticks to the scheme of fuss-free aesthetics that are required for an industrial look. 

But it doesn’t stop at the appliances. Your bigger accessories will also work wonders with your industrial scheme. For example, adding metal bar stools to your breakfast counter will add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen without any hard work. All you need to do is find a metallic finish that matches your individual style, whether that’s brass, copper, steel or matte black. 

Use Reclaimed Materials

When it comes to merging your want for an industrial-look while also respecting the stylistic essence of your property, one of the best moves you can make is going down the reclaimed route. That could be done by exposing some of your kitchen’s original features, such as an exposed brick wall, the wooden flooring or even the steel rafters on your ceiling, and then enhancing those characteristics with reclaimed materials that match. 

Crittall Windows To Let The Light in 

When it comes to creating an industrial space, nothing is more synonymous, simplistic, stylish or chic as the addition of steel-framed windows. Adding a minimalist and metallic look to your kitchen, Crittall-style windows are the epitome of industri-cool having been championed by New York City lofts.

But what really sets them apart is the way their slim-steel frames open a living space, let in so much light without any obstruction and almost act as a feature wall that merges the world outside your window with the world you’ve created on the inside, the metallic finish adding another layer of texture and colour to the overall vibe of your space. 

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