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6 Simple Ways To Create A Cosy Kitchen

By November 25, 2022January 3rd, 2023No Comments

As a room, the kitchen has become so much more. Transcending that traditional role where it was once exclusively used as a space to prepare delicious home-cooked meals, the kitchen has become the beating heart of the home where we relax and unwind, entertain and work, potter about and make memories, so it’s time to create an atmosphere that replicates those new needs. 

And to help you achieve that ambience, we asked our interior design team for their best tips and tricks to warm up a kitchen, while still keeping to the traditions of a devoted kitchen where cooking, eating and spending quality time are cherished. Luckily, with just a few design details and accents to add a dollop of charm and personality, you can fill your entire space with warmth.

Tip No.1: Add a Beautiful Backsplash

Whether you have a galley kitchen or a more open room, there’s always a centrepiece that draws the eye, and that is almost-always the space around your stove, Aga or hobs. That’s what makes the area behind this such a great spot to get creative. And because it’s usually quite a small patch of wall, you can have fun without it being too costly or too overwhelming. So choose something you love, like a hand-painted backsplash, a deep-hue or an unusual finish. Something that stands out from the rest of your kitchen while still complementing the colours, style or chosen materials.

Tip No.2: Create Cosy Mood Lighting

Nothing sets the tone of a cosy space more than your lighting. A freestanding lamp in the corner, a warm underglow beneath your cabinets, pendants hanging down over your island; anything that encourages your eye to linger there for a few seconds every time you step into your kitchen. That’s how to create a mood, an ambience, a distraction from the rest of your kitchen, whether it’s a space full of curated clutter or a minimalist room where the details are everything. The right lighting is about adding balance and drama, almost as if it’s jewellery for your room. 

Tip No.3: Slip in a Soft Rug

Rugs have a way of adding a certain depth to a room. Depth and texture, all of which creates a subtle sense of drama, warming up your space in a way they do every other room in your home.  So don’t be afraid to carry this hygge vibe into the kitchen. Lay a vintage rug down behind your breakfast bar or place one in the centre of your space; wherever you decide, a kitchen rug will warm up your room with added textures and rich colours. 

Tip No.4: Use Warm Materials 

Creating a cosy space, a truly cosy space, is all about using warm materials, and nothing is warmer than going natural. It’s about creating a rustic feel that creates a certain ambience. It’s about finding a balance between the cold materials traditionally found in the kitchen, materials such as stone and tile, and warmer materials, like wood and leather and brass details. From your kitchen island worktop to your breakfast bar stools, the cabinet hardware to the armchair in the corner. Using warm materials here and there will create cosy layers within your kitchen.

Tip No.5: Colourful Cabinetry 

Close your eyes and try to picture the warm colours on a colour wheel and your mind will probably begin to spark with yellows, reds and oranges, and it’s easy to understand why. But when we talk about warm hues from an interior design standpoint, deeper colours become that tonic for tired eyes with dark greens and midnight blues providing the perfect shades. Then, to complete the look, simply pair these newly painted cabinets with modern brass hardware to create the most inviting space imaginable.

Tip No.6: Mix & Match

If it’s the little details that create a cosy space, then mix and matching is a subtle way to create a sense of warmth and character and depth. It’s about creating a sense of drama with different patterns, textures and unique pieces to bring more of your personality into the room. Use your open shelving to display different coloured glasses and mismatched plates. Have a dining table that’s surrounded by different coloured chairs. Put those handmade tidbits you brought back from your travels out for everyone to see. It’s about creating combinations that add a little bit of drama to your room. That’s how to create a cosy ambience. 

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