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6 Benefits of Choosing a Kitchen Island

By August 25, 2021No Comments
Grey and blue kitchen island with breakfast bar

Every dream kitchen shares the same core principles: personality, functionality and storage, which is why everyone dreams of having a kitchen island. From the extra worktop space to the additional seating area to giving your room a forget-me-not centrepiece, kitchen islands have become a must-have feature for one very good reason: they provide a simple solution to every kitchen’s wants and needs, and they look absolutely stunning while doing so. 

Of course, adding an island to your kitchen relies heavily on the space available, but it’s a decision that will be so worth it for reasons that go way beyond having another counter to chop veggies, store your mail or stub your toe on — they allow you to get practical, personal and creative with your space. 

And in that spirit, here are six incredible benefits to adding a kitchen island to your home:

Kitchen islands offer the most creative storage solutions

You can never have enough storage. No matter how big or small a kitchen might be, they always-always get filled with this and that, a problem that’s solved in the most creative ways by a kitchen island. From choosing to have a bank of deep and organised drawers to opting for pull out shelves, to having display shelves built into each end, a kitchen island is an extension to your existing cabinetry and then some. 

What’s more, the storage solutions they offer can be designed to suit whatever functions you want from your kitchen. Have a dedicated space for your cooking books, choose an in-built drawer for your chopping boards, create an accessible space under your island to store your food waste bins and make your meal preparation area the perfect place to cook. Whatever suits your kitchen personality. 

A kitchen island is the perfect place for the whole family

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home. It’s where you start your day with a steaming mug of coffee, cook your kid’s favourite meals, entertain your guests, hangout with your family and, well, work from home — and an island adds to that notion in every way. 

Create an elongated breakfast bar for your children to do their homework while you prepare dinner, add a refrigerated drawer full of healthy snacks that your kids can help themselves too, install plug sockets to keep your laptop charged on your WFH days and ask our designers about an built-in wine fridge to make entertaining even more seamless. There’s a thousand ways a kitchen island can improve your lifestyle and our kitchen design team is here to make that dream a reality.

Islands offer an additional seating area

Whether you’re having friends over for catch up or you’re letting your kids have a slightly more informal dinner, adding a selection of bar stools to one end of your kitchen island gives you an extra seating area that cannot be undervalued. 

From being able to hangout with your guests as you prepare this and that to being around your family while you cook another delicious dinner, an island lets you be present and part of the occasion, even as you run around playing host. Whether your island seating area can accommodate a couple of people or half-a-dozen, having that extra option is always an added bonus.

Create versatility and space with a harvest table

Whether you’re lacking a lot of space or you need the versatility of having extra worktop space sometimes and more floor space at other times, deciding on either a harvest table or a movable kitchen island gives you more options to suit your needs. Simply move your harvest table into the centre of your kitchen for more preparation space when you’re Sunday roasting, and then, once your meal is ready, roll it out of the way for added dining space. 

Perfect for smaller kitchens, our harvest tables come with a range of creative storage solutions, such as built-in chopping boards, oak slat shelves and easy-access drawers, as well as wooden worktops for that extra counter space.

Add appliances and amenities to your kitchen island

Kitchen islands don’t just offer additional storage solutions; they offer an alternative option when it comes to the layout and positioning of your amenities, improving the functionality of your space. From adding a farmhouse sink to installing refrigerator drawers, to housing a microwave in the end that faces your oven, islands let you enhance the layout of your kitchen to suit your needs. 

You could even turn your island into the central hub for all your cooking and entertaining by installing your oven and hobs into your island, along with a range hood, leaving you with a centrepiece that will steal your breath every time you catch a glance of your space. Whatever is required to make your kitchen more functional and useful, an island has the solution. 

The island aesthetics are almost-endless

Whether you want an island for practical purposes, you want to create a stunning focal point or you’re looking for a combination of the two, your kitchen island is a chance to have some fun in so many ways. 

Simply painting your island a strong, bold colour that stands apart from the softer tones used on the rest of your kitchen cabinets will create a centrepiece and give your kitchen a dollop of personality to match yours. Go one step further, however, and you can play around with so many different finishes, from beautiful wooden worktops to quartz options, all of which have the power to change the look and feel of your space. 


If you thought a kitchen island was simply a way of filling space and creating a showpiece, you’ll now know there are so many legitimate benefits to adding one to your kitchen. From the additional storage to the extra seating, every sized home can enjoy the versatility that a kitchen island offers.

Thanks for reading. For more kitchen designs and cooking inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook — or come and visit us at one of our kitchen showrooms.

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