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8 Kitchen Larder Ideas To Create The Perfect Storage Space

By May 19, 2021No Comments
Kitchen Larder Ideas To Create Storage Space

No matter how big or small a kitchen might be, we always manage to fill it with this and that, which is why space-saving storage is such a bugbear for almost-everyone. Thankfully, one of our all-time favourite kitchen features is trending once more; one that promises to give your appliances, accessories and your ingredients a dedicated home instead of cluttering up every one of your countertops. That’s right, the kitchen larder is back — and it’s even better than ever. 

Available in all shapes and sizes, these practical and stylish additions are back at the top of every kitchen-owners wish list whether they have a big space to work with or something a little smaller. That’s because modern larders are able to showcase the finer details of our handcrafted cabinetry while also celebrating a myriad of clever storage options inside. 

Whether the recent resurgence of kitchen larders and pantries has been spurred on by the extra pinch of charm they add, the nostalgia they bring or the practical advantages of having so much additional storage while freeing up entire walls, we’re not entirely sure. All we know is that we’re all for the return of these traditional and timeless kitchen features — and we’re about to explain why you should be too. 

From making your kitchen more functional to creating a more relaxed environment, here are our favourite kitchen larder ideas:

Use Statement Finishes To Create A Scene

Built-in larders have a showstopping quality in their own right, but if you want to turn yours into a subtle centrepiece, simply add an eye-catching splash of colour and some standout details. For instance, if you have a navy blue larder tucked neatly in the corner of your kitchen, you could make a statement with some brass handles on the outside and an accent colour inside, especially one that celebrates the special items you’ve stored in there. 

Create A Place To Prep

Every kitchen should be designed with personality and functionality in mind, and a carefully-planned larder offers exactly that. From creating a dedicated hot drinks station with everything needed to make and serve the perfect brew to extending your kitchen worktops inside so that you have a purpose-built prep station – complete with microwave and coffee-maker – your larder can be turned into a clutter-free area to suit your everyday needs. 

Shed Some Light On It

Whether you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen larder to keep your clutter from being on display or whether you want to create a place to display your favourite pieces, adding some simple strip lights on the inside frames is a great way to make your larder more practical and special. Not only will a strip light make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for in those darker corners of your larder, but they will add to the atmosphere when you open the doors too. 

Get Creative With Your Storage Options

Our built-in larders are tailor-made to your wants and needs, allowing you to get creative with your storage options and use every inch of the space to maximise the functionality of your space. From different height shelving options to adding storage baskets on rails, installing spice racks on the inside of your doors to dedicating a space to your most-used appliances, bespoke larders allow you to design your space with your kitchen preferences in mind. 

A Larder That Looks Lovely

Larders are much more than a clever storage feature, they are a celebration of craftsmanship, design and details, which is why you should highlight them with the perfect coloured paint. Turn them into a focal point with a bright pastel colour that will draw your eye every time you walk into your kitchen or simply paint them a slightly different shade to the rest of your cabinetry and walls, enhancing their appearance is a great way to give your space more depth. 

Tall And Slim For The Win

No matter how small your kitchen is, there is always a way to utilise the benefits of a purpose-built pantry — you simply need to think vertically. By creating a narrow floor-to-ceiling larder and then adding generously spaced vertical shelves, you can maximise the storage space you have, storing your taller and more bulky items to create less clutter in the rest of your cabinets (and worktops too). Jars, bottles, bread machines, vases, cereal boxes — whatever it is, you’ll have plenty of space to play with, and without taking too much of your kitchen space either. 

Where Tradition Meets Modern

Whether you have a farmhouse-style kitchen or an ultra-modern space, adding a larder is a great way to create a more homely atmosphere that enhances the vibe you already have. You could use them to create an extra storage option that stands out in the corner of your country home or you could use them to frame your state-of-the-art wine fridge to bring together functionality and modernism. 

Aesthetics Combined With Practicality

The key to a successful pantry is all about optimising your storage space to create a luxury feel both when you open the doors and when you want to find something. It’s about creating a scene that is aesthetically pleasing and impossibly simple to navigate, which is why we always recommend open shelving and a soft lighting. After this, spend some time choosing storage containers and mason jars that tie in with the rest of your kitchen to complete the look. 

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