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8 Space-Saving Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

By April 6, 2021No Comments
8 Space-Saving Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

No one ever has enough kitchen storage. Literally, no one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blessed with a big, open shaker kitchen or a small and compact corner kitchen, the dream is more storage and counter space. As such, there have probably been a few times when you’ve really started to feel the stress as you try to figure out where to put this and where to hide that and how to utilise the space you have. Luckily, at Olive & Barr, that’s our specialty. 

With over 25 years designing kitchens, we’ve learned how to maximise every inch of your kitchen so that it’s functional and comfortable no matter the layout — and we’ve rounded up 8 of our very favourite ideas to help you make the most of whatever space you have. 

From harvest tables with secret storage compartments to making the most of your mason jars, here are some kitchen storage hacks that will make your space feel twice as big:

Make A Mason Jar Pantry

One of the most popular kitchen trends of 2020 was the addition of a pantry or larder. The problem is, not everyone has the space for a pantry or a larder except, well,  this isn’t actually a problem at all. Simply use mason jars to create your own stunning storage solution by placing them in shelves on your blank walls. From pasta to flour, you can fill them with anything you like and display them like art.

Get Hooked On Hooks

When you’re a little short on storage space, one of the most creative (and homely) solutions is hooks — and the best part: you can hang them anywhere to store anything. They can turn your apron collection into textured wall art, your chopping boards into wooden focal points and your backsplash into an untapped storage spot, all while freeing up some other space too. 

More Than Just A Harvest Table

At first glance, our harvest tables look as though they were simply designed to make a space feel light and bright, yet cosy and warm. But they were also carefully designed to make the most of your kitchen space. From extra counter space to clever built-in chopping boards, as well as oak slat shelves for you to store anything from pots and pans to bottles of wine, these are the perfect alternative to a kitchen island.

Pegboards Are Perfect Additions

Think outside the box and your walls can be turned into one of the most effective and stylish storage spaces in your kitchen. The trick is opting for a pegboard instead of more traditional shelving and enjoying the increased space and versatility. From pots and pans to utensils and copper baskets for your tea towels, there are so many ways you can use this flexible storage space, tweaking it here and there to suit your ever changing needs and style. 

Create A Spice Rack Drawer

It’s far too easy to fill your drawers with knick knacks until they become unofficial junk drawers. But your kitchen drawers can be turned into organised storage solutions. So instead of designating one to be a holding pen for your odds and ends, make better use of this vital kitchen real estate by transforming it into something functional, such as a spice rack. Not only will this free up some extra cabinet space, but it will keep your spices organised and easier to access when you’re cooking. 

Invest In A Clever Kitchen Island

Our shaker kitchen islands are designed to be more than a standout centrepiece in the heart of your home; they are carefully designed to make your kitchen more functional, whatever that means to you. From glass-fronted cabinets for your glassware and consciously designed drawers to having built-in chopping boards and Bora Hobs, our kitchen islands are made to give you more workspace and all the storage options you could ever dream of. 

Under The Sink Storage

Almost everyone uses the space under their sink to store their cleaning products and dishwasher tablets, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a disorganised mess. That’s why we designed a beautiful storage solution that utilises every inch of space beneath your sink, including a pull out drawer and shelves fixed to the inside of your cabinet doors. 

Use The Bottom Of Your Cabinets

Just because your kitchen cabinets are completely full to the point where they couldn’t possibly hold one more thing, doesn’t mean you can’t still utilise them for storage. Yes. We’re talking about using the undersides of your cabinets and cupboards. Simply add some hooks to hang your mugs or attach a magnetic strip to create a floating spice rack. Whatever you want, need or prefer. 

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