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8 Ways To Add Farmhouse Charm To Your Kitchen

By October 22, 2021No Comments
8 Ways To Add Farmhouse Charm To Your Kitchen

Consider this your go-to guide for creating a timeless farmhouse kitchen.

Once upon a time, the term “farmhouse chic” felt like a trend, but it turns out farmhouse-inspired kitchens are having more than just a moment. They’ve become a timeless style that evoke images of a homely space pockmarked with rustic materials and charming details, natural materials and exposed features. They make a place feel lived in and loved. 

The hiccup has always been the difference between saving farmhouse kitchen ideas to your Pinterest board and actually putting them to practise in your own home. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of simple ways to add some of those dreamy farmhouse vibes to your kitchen. Enjoy.

Illuminate Your Space With Style

Of all the ways to add a pinch of rustic charm to your kitchen, getting creative with your lighting is probably the quickest, easiest and most-effective. From adding filament bulbs to your industrial-style fixtures to hanging Mason jar pendant lights above your island, to illuminating your prep space with a reclaimed patina light shade that matches the materials used in the rest of your space, the lights you opt for a great way of adding a touch of country charm to your kitchen. 

Shaker Cabinets Add Farmhouse Feels

When it comes to picking the perfect cabinetry for your farmhouse-inspired kitchen, there is only one option: wooden shaker-style cabinets. Everything else either feels too modern or too ornate to fit in with the style you’re after, whereas Shaker-style cabinetry offers the perfect amount of rusticity. From the dovetail joints to the timeless details, Shaker cabinets celebrate simplicity and tradition by combining craftsmanship, functionality and sustainability. And because the artistry of shaker cabinets adds a versatile charm, they will bring your kitchen to life in all the right ways. 

Opt For Open Shelving

The almost-defining trait of a farmhouse kitchen is that dreamy pared down feel with closed lower cabinets and lots of open shelving. They give you a chance to display those unique bits n’ bobs that create a rustic farmhouse feel: heirloom dishes, cast iron pots, mason jars filled with dried, your rustic wooden bowls and utensils, anything and everything. Not only will the addition of open shelving make your space feel lighter and brighter, but you’ll also have more opportunities to bring your personality to the forefront. 

Wooden Countertops Are A Must

Wooden countertops are one of those traditional features that have never fallen out of fashion. Instead they have remained timeless and elegant and able to give your bespoke kitchen an undeniable touch of warmth. Whether you opt for oak worktops to match the original beams in your farmhouse or you want the luxuriously dark finish of walnut counters to create a grandiose look, almost every kind of wooden countertop has remained a classic. They add character and feel cosy and, best of all, we offer 11 different options for your wooden worktops. 

Time For A Tiled Backsplash

When it comes to the most Instagrammable part of your kitchen, nothing feels more popular than using subway tiles for your kitchen backsplash ideas, especially when it comes to farmhouse kitchens. Fresh and clean, yet homely and distinct, they offer your space and unexpected twist that feels wonderfully rustic — and every time you walk into your kitchen, this little moment will steal your glance and make you think, “yeah, this is a farmhouse kitchen”.

Neutral Colour Schemes Are Perfect

Our favourite thing about designing bespoke kitchens is seeing how people use different colour schemes in their home, but for a farmhouse-style kitchen, your best option is a neutral palette. Pale greys, white, cream and black with wooden accents to tie it all together into a wonderfully rustic space that looks as perfect in the depths of winter as it does when the summer sun pours through the windows. That’s what a neutral colour scheme does for a space. 

Select A Farmhouse Sink

We checked and there’s nothing more synonymous with farmhouse flair than the addition to a farmhouse sink, no matter where you put it. Add it to your kitchen island for extra functionality, place it beneath your kitchen window so you can enjoy the views across your garden or simply add one to your utility room for the ultimate farmhouse feel. Whatever you choose, a farmhouse sink is the simplest way to bring some country style to your space and each material is beautiful in its own way. 

Heavenly Hardware 

One thing is for sure, creating a farmhouse feel with your kitchen is all about the details — and choosing the perfect hardware should be right up there at the top of the list. From using rustic handles for your kitchen doors to choosing brass knobs for your wooden cabinets, adding some rustic hardware around your space has the power to change the entire feel of your kitchen, making it a beautiful, simple and relatively inexpensive move to make. 

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