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An All-New Interior Design Service To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

By March 10, 2022No Comments
New Kitchen Interior Design Service

Make the heart of your home shine with dreamy colours, timeless finishes and personal touches.

There’s something uniquely special about your kitchen. From soaking up the sunrise with your morning coffee to entertaining guests over a home-cooked supper, the kitchen is almost-always the most used room in a house – and that’s why you want it to be a space you love spending time in. But there’s more to a dreamy kitchen than creative storage options, functioning appliances and a practical island. You want a kitchen that you’ll fall in love with every day for years to come. 

That’s where our all-new interior design service comes in.

After working with our experienced kitchen design team on the physical layout of your kitchen – from cabinets and larders to your island to built-in appliances – our interior design service will go through your kitchen design plans with you and then help you create the space of your dreams. Statement lighting, bold backsplashes, creative colour schemes and everything in between, our creative consultants use a holistic approach to elevate your kitchen’s style, flow and overall vibe. 

Ready? Let’s go:

Extra Design Service

That’s right. Having already received your finalised kitchen designs from our experienced kitchen design team, this extra design service is focussed on all those extra details that make a space standout. Details that include colour schemes, lighting options, forget-me-not flooring, appealing artwork, highlighting any favourite pieces you already have, upcycling your current furniture and enhancing the overall style of your space in a way that compliments your visions, personalities and kitchen layout. 

Professional Finish

For most people, styling a home means going with your gut feeling and choosing items that excite your senses, which is exactly how a home should feel. That’s why our interior designer service takes a holistic view of space, the different ways in which you use your kitchen and then focuses on how to make your kitchen flow with the rest of your home, all the while giving it a subtle yet professional finish. From working with you on concept driven mood boards to reflect your dream vibe to recreating a space you fell in love with while travelling some special part of the world, our interior designer is there to add a professional finish to your vision, pull everything together and reassure you on every decision. 

Personalised Service

To truly understand your home, your personality, your preferences and the canvas you are working with, your interior designer will schedule a home visit so that they can get an unfiltered feeling for your space. 

This is to make sure they completely understand the size of your kitchen, the way the natural light dances around your space, the flow created by your layout and, most of all, to embrace your personality, style and favourite pieces of furniture. Knowing all of this allows us to understand exactly what your interior design vibe is and then elevate it beyond belief. 

Support and Advice

Where some interior designers might tell you how your kitchen should look, our service takes a slightly different approach: we want to support your choices, open your eyes to new ideas, discuss new kitchen trends and offer advice on the different aspects of your kitchen’s vibe. 

Focusing on balance, our designer will work with you on the overall feelings your space evokes. That could be dark and moody wall tiles combined with a sleek backsplash and stainless steel appliances that give you a glamorous finish, it could be a combination of wood and brass tones with exciting moments dotted here and there to give it that California warmth, or it could be focussed on the best colour scheme to bring your new shaker-style cabinets to life.

Expert Knowledge

As a non-affiliated designer, our experienced interior expert will be able to share their knowledge with you on all aspects of your kitchen. And the options are almost endless. From seeing the best pendant lights to dangle above your kitchen island to showcasing how different tiles can change-up your space, playing around with different fabrics across your kitchen to explaining how a contrast of textures is able to add more depth – whether that’s wooden flooring or polished concrete countertops – their expert knowledge will unlock style combinations you’ve never seen before. And the best part: our designer is able to accommodate all budgets

Your Personality Matters

Our philosophy is simple: your kitchen should combine practicality and personality… your personality. That means celebrating your style, finding ways to use your current pieces of furniture, highlighting your favourite trinkets and curating as much of your tastes as we can so that everything – new and old – works in total harmony with the overall scheme.

Of course, should you want to refresh your home and start over as much as possible, then our interior designer will go above and beyond to understand your personality, preferences, favourite restaurants and anything else that will help them create your perfect mood board, and then give you advice on where to look so that they can help you source everything you want to bring your kitchen to life. 

General and Specific Style

Kitchens have become so much more than a utilitarian space to prepare food. They are now our go-to room for everything: baking another batch of sourdough bread, working from home on non-stop Zoom calls, cooking fancy meals for family and friends, homeschooling the children, completing Netflix one series at a time and hosting cocktail parties as often as you can. That’s what makes our interior design service standout so much.

We focus on styling your kitchen for more general day-to-day enjoyment, but also look at easy ways to change it up for special occasions and multiple-uses. That way you can create the perfect vibe and feeling to suit whatever you might have planned.

Elevate Your Space

When it comes to interior design, there are certain extras that almost-always get overlooked, especially in the kitchen. The art hanging on your walls, the antiques that fill your kitchen’s every nook and cranny, the gaze-catching trinkets on your open shelving, bringing the outside in with an array of beautiful houseplants and every other kind of curiosity that will help elevate your kitchen’s overall style. 

It’s about celebrating your unique personality in any way possible, and then either sourcing your favourites or advising you on the best places to look as you curate pieces that match your kitchen’s personality. 

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