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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas, Top Tips & Advice

By May 1, 2020October 4th, 2020No Comments
Olive & Barr Shaker kitchen with open cupboards and Island.

With over 25 years’ experience designing kitchens, we’ve worked with lots of small spaces. The average new-build kitchen now measures just 13.44 square metres, so more and more people are looking for clever storage ideas to fit everything in.

At Olive & Barr, our handcrafted Shaker kitchens are based on the design principles of simplicity, utility and a space for everything. When working with a small kitchen, our overall storage tips are always:

  • Choose cabinets that use every square metre of your kitchen effectively.
  • Maximise space wherever possible – not just in cabinetry. Floors, walls and worktops all provide valuable storage space in small kitchens too.
  • Keep small kitchens clutter-free for a more spacious feel.

To achieve all this, we have some great small kitchen storage ideas that maximise space and keep your kitchen looking clean, tidy, functional and beautiful:

Small kitchen cupboard storage ideas

  1. Custom cabinets

    If you have a small kitchen, it can be very hard to get standard cabinetry to work without creating dead space. If possible, we’d recommend a bespoke kitchen that has cabinetry designed to fit every space within your kitchen – however small or awkward.

Dark Blue shaker kitchen with bespoke cabinetry and cupboards open
  1. Built-in storage

    Maximise space within your kitchen cabinets with built-in storage, like wine and spice racks. The inside of your kitchen cabinet doors also provide often-overlooked storage space, so you can use racks, hooks and shelves on the backs of doors to store items too.

  1. Pullout storage

    Utilise every centimetre of space in your small kitchen with pullout storage and accessories. You can fit chopping boards and pullout, slimline storage between cabinets. And for tricky spaces, you can use special pullout shelving that goes around corners, maximising space and providing easy access to kitchen essentials.

  1. Nesting tables / pullout tables

    Nesting tables or pullout, drop-leaf tables are an excellent solution when space is a premium. Simply pull out when required, and put away to reclaim space when not in use.

  1. Kitchen islands

    Kitchen islands and moveable kitchen trolleys are also good ways to utilise floor space for storage.

    Islands particularly can be practical, yet striking kitchen centrepieces. Kitchen islands are a traditional Shaker way to create extra storage and worktop space, and they feature frequently in our designs at Olive & Barr.

Small kitchen wall storage ideas

  1. Shelving

    For all those spaces where cabinets just won’t work, shelves can provide storage, and you can even make a feature wall out of them. Crockery, pots and pans, or larder items stored on open shelving gives a kitchen a traditional feel and makes it look like a truly functional space. And don’t forget about the space under shelving – that’s the perfect spot to hang your favourite teacups. You can even put hooks on the edge of shelving for even more hanging storage. Shelves can also be used under upper cabinets or on the side of cabinets.

Light grey shaker kitchen with wooden shelving and large sink.
  1. Pegboards

    Another smart way to maximise wall space is to use pegboards. These are ideal for pots and utensils, providing flexible storage that can be changed as and when needed. Pegboards also make it easy to grab and go when you’re busy in the kitchen, rather than raking through stacks of items on kitchen shelves. They look tidy and stylish too.

  1. Use the space above kitchen cabinets

    Above kitchen cabinets and the fridge can also be used for storage in small kitchens. Items that you don’t use often like special occasion crockery and baking supplies can easily be stored out of the way above kitchen cabinets. You can use baskets or boxes that match the decor of your kitchen to keep everything neat and tidy, avoiding clutter.

Small kitchen worktop storage solutions

Close up of dark grey shaker kitchen with stone worktops
  1. Compact containers

    Worktop space can also be prime real estate in a small kitchen. Compact jars, stacking containers and tree mug holders are handy solutions to store items on your countertop, and again, they can look great too. Jars of spices, pasta and rice can look rustic, and mugs can be used to add colour and style, complementing your kitchen decor.

  1. Stove top covers

    You can also think about putting a removable cover across your cooker or stove to create a usable space when you’re not cooking. This could be as simple as a tray or a hob cover, or an actual piece of worktop that matches the rest of your kitchen.

Get your perfect small kitchen today

At Olive & Barr, our handcrafted Shaker kitchens are uniquely designed to fit any space. All of our bespoke designs are filled with space-saving, clever storage ideas to maximise functionality while maintaining the effortless Shaker style.
Browse our Shaker kitchen ideas for inspiration or contact us today to talk to our artisans about your very own, handmade Shaker kitchen.

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