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The Expert’s Guide To Creating A Timeless Kitchen

By July 14, 2021No Comments
The Expert's Guide To Creating A Timeless Kitchen

When you close your eyes and picture your dream home, there will be certain ideas that burst across your mind. But the one that will linger in your thoughts the longest will always be your dream kitchen. That’s because it’s more than just another room. It’s the beating heart of your home, the space you gravitate towards after a long day in the office, that place to entertain your friends when they pop over for a chat, or hang out with your family at the start and end of each day and, of course, flick through your favourite cookbook as you decide on which delicious page should be brought to life. 

In short: your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home, which is why it should perfectly match your personality, as well as all your wants and needs. So with that in mind, here’s how to create a timeless kitchen that will forever be in vogue, with all the functionality you’ve been dreaming of.

Shaker-Style Kitchens Never Go Out of Date

When it comes to choosing a timeless kitchen that feels as elegant and chic as it is practical, Shaker-style kitchens are your best bet. This is because they celebrate simplicity and tradition,  combining craftsmanship, functionality and sustainability. There’s no intricate carvings or ornamentations that could create a dated look, instead they boast minimal detailing and square edges. They combine classic combinations with modern twists. As a result, shaker-style kitchens are effortlessly chic and can be adapted to any style of home, from farmhouse cottages in the country to modern townhouses in the city. 

Subtle Colour Schemes Are Your Friend

Every year, Pantone brings out its colour of the year and, with that, manufacturers set about creating must-have trends that steal the show. But trends are not timeless. So if you’re looking for a kitchen that you’ll never fall out of love with, stick to a colour palette of neutral tones. Subtle greys, gentle blushes, nude pinks, warm creams and deep inky blues, all of which will add an understated confidence to your cabinets, especially if given a matte finish. And to help you out with this part of the process, here’s our guide to choosing the perfect colour scheme for your shaker kitchen.

Creative Storage Keeps Your Kitchen Timeless

Whether you have a large space or a smaller kitchen, getting creative with your storage solutions will make sure your kitchen always feels modern. From clever corner cupboards that fold out when you open the door to slide-away storage spots for your chopping boards, there are a thousand ways to add some personalised functionality to your space. What’s more, larders are back in vogue and can be installed in any kitchen regardless of space, adding a splash of traditional charm and endless practicality to your space. 

Brass Hardware is Here To Stay

When it comes to giving your shaker cabinetry a timeless finish, antique metals are in a league of their own. From adding new textures to using contrasting colours and even choosing the finish you’re after, antique metal hardware has made a real comeback in recent years, and the most popular choice of them all is brass. Striking and charming with a bespoke vibe, adding a brass hardware to your kitchen always has a huge impact on the overall feel. Whether you opt for timeless cup handles or simple knobs, this subtle addition knows how to add an element of sophistication and age-old character to your space — and the same goes for faucets. Make a grand yet traditional statement with a bronzed tap and handles and enjoy the subtle pop brought to your kitchen with these period pieces.

Worktops Create Wow-Factor Moments

Just like shaker-style cabinets, wooden worktops are one of those traditional features that have always been in fashion, bringing a timeless and elegant look to your bespoke kitchen that blurs the line between indoors and out. Ornate, organic and durable, there’s an almost endless range of wooden worktops you can choose from and they each have their own unique personalities. At Olive & Barr, we offer a dozen options, from oak to walnut, beech to bamboo, maple to iroko, all of them carrying their own classic feel. Of course, your other option is a quartz worktop, the traditional marble glistening in a way that will bring any kitchen to life, adding a sense of timelessness that will be around for decades to come. It’s just a matter of personal preference. 

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