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5 Simple Ways To Creating A Calming Kitchen

By May 10, 2022No Comments
Neutral kitchen with mirrored backsplash

Life is hectic. It’s fast-paced and full-on, and while there are probably times you wish you could book an escape to some honey-coloured city with cobble-stone streets where you’ll spend your days strolling around aimlessly and popping into quaint coffee shops with that battered book you’ve read a dozen times already, we want to help you find that same sense of solace at home. That’s where the kitchen comes into its own. 

From resting your chin on your knees as you curl up in your favourite chair to cooking up delicious side-dishes, to simply watching streams of sunlight flood your space as you sip on your first coffee, the kitchen is so much more than just another room. That’s why you need to conjure some much-needed comfort as soon as possible, and we’re here to help. 

Here are five simple ways to turn the beating heart of your home into a place of peace and tranquillity, no matter what.

Time To Declutter & Reorganise

On the next rainy day or moment of quiet, step into your kitchen and organise it in any way you’d like to. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming or overwhelming. Instead, put on some music and take it one cabinet at a time in as many steps, days or weeks as it takes. After all, a tidy space means a tidy mind. 

Reorganise what goes where, do a clean sweep of each shelf, bring your most-used bits and bobs to the front, go through your appliances and then sort out your fridge and your freezer to make sure everything is in its place and nothing is out of date. Once you’ve done that, think about new ways to keep your kitchen clutter-free and organised. Mason jars, pan lid racks, under-cabinet hooks, drawer dividers – anything that will keep your space neat and tidy and your mind stress-free. 

Enjoy The Great Outdoors Inside

Nature is one of the most calming influences. The fresh air, the delicate sounds, the soothing colours everywhere you gaze. Those are the essences you want to bring into your kitchen in any way you can so that this space is able to soothe your mind every time you step into it. To do this, try adding different houseplants to your kitchen, try purifying the air with a Peace Lily, find ways to maximise the natural light with perfectly positioned mirrors and use natural materials where possible, such as wooden worktops, floors, tables and chairs. You could even create a feature wall that celebrates the outside world in some way or another.

Choose Colours That Calm You

The colours you choose for your kitchen will influence your kitchen’s look, vibe, feeling and atmosphere, while also influencing your mood on a daily basis too. For those looking to create a calming space to escape, try keeping it neutral with a colour palette that takes inspiration from nature and the ocean. Normandy Grey, Ho Ho Green, Pink Ground, Olive and light pastel colours. Of course, if you want to keep things soothing yet exciting, try playing around with different colour combinations to create a subtle yet unique space that pleases your eye. 

Keep Your Worktops Clutter-Free

A cluttered room will create a cluttered mind, which is why we recommend spending some time freeing up as much space as you can, especially on your worktops. Swap your overflowing utensils pot with a wall rack, or simply go through your utensils so that only the ones you use on a daily basis are left out. Find a place to store your appliances that is out of your eye line. Put up a shelf and then organise any clutter into lovely-looking jars and make the most of your cupboard space in any way you can. The trick is to try and create a sense of calm to what is usually the busiest room in any home, partly because it will take the stress out of cleaning it but mostly because you’ll enjoy a sense of serenity every time you enjoy your kitchen. 

Materials Affect Your Mood

There is an indescribable warmth that comes from natural materials. Whether that’s polished concrete floors, wooden worktops or exposed brick walls. That said, there are smaller additions that will bring a sense of serenity to your kitchen, such as hessian napkins, timber barstools, rattan chairs and terracotta plant pots. Anything that celebrates natural materials will help create a calming space you can slip into for refuge, whether it’s to make the family an hearty breakfast or simply slip away with a podcast for half-an-hour. 

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