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The Big Benefits of Choosing A Shaker-Style Kitchen

By February 11, 2022No Comments
The Big Benefits of Choosing A Shaker-Style Kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, as they say. Even if you can’t whip up much in your oven (hey, same), it’s where we hang out with friends, make memories with our loved ones, work from home, homeschool our kids, and nourish our bodies. Translation: the vibes need to match our personalities as much as our practicalities. The problem is, trends come and go so fast it’s hard to know what’s going to stick around.

That’s where Shaker-style kitchens come in. 

They’re as timeless as timeless gets and for good reason too: they celebrate simplicity and tradition by combining craftsmanship, functionality and sustainability. And because the artistry of shaker cabinets adds a versatile charm, they’re so good at adapting to different interior styles. So whatever your taste, you can be sure that shaker cabinets will go so well with the rest of your home that you’ll find yourself staring at the endless elegance and élan of your kitchen. 

Whether your ideal aesthetic is warm and cosy, sleek and chic, bold and exciting, or fun and functional, here are the big benefits of choosing a shaker-style kitchen for the heart of your home:

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The origins of the shaker furniture goes back over 200 years, to the mid-1800s, when a small group of Quakers split to create their group, emigrating to America and becoming known as the Shakers. But what they really became known for was their unrivaled craftsmanship, a culture of honesty and doing away with details and motifs to focus on three new pillars of design: functionality, durability and simplicity.

Since then, Shaker-style kitchens have continued to celebrate those very philosophies. It’s about designing cabinets and kitchens that make life easier, giving everything a place to be stored and then accessed easily and efficiently. Drawers, cupboards, everything is designed with precision and the kitchen-owner’s lifestyle in mind — and each kitchen can be fitted to each individual too. 

What’s more, shaker kitchen design is about looking at every nook, cranny, corner and space with careful consideration, a focus that allows us to make sure every aspect of the kitchen is used to the maximum. 

The Advantages of Shaker-Style Kitchens

No.1: Much More Affordable

There’s no point beating around the bush on this one: cost and budget are almost-always at the top of the priority list when remodeling a kitchen, and that’s what makes shaker kitchens so popular. They are much-more affordable, especially when you compare them to other styles of kitchens, such as solid wood veneer cabinets and A-grade plywood cabinets. The reason for this is simple: because the focus is on simplicity and craftsmanship, they are much easier to design, manufacture and install. 

What’s more, because all of our workshops are based right here in the UK and our kitchens are made with local materials, we are able to avoid import charges and delays right the way through our production process. That’s what allows us to start our Shaker cabinet prices at just £7,500.

No.2: Endless Versatility

There have been some pretty dodgy kitchen design trends in the past. Think popcorn ceilings, woodchip wallpaper and beaded curtains, all of which had the shelf life of a banana pulled out of the discount shelf. But shaker kitchens are the opposite. The polar opposite, in fact. That’s because no other style of cabinetry has ever been able to compete with the versatility of shaker kitchens. 

This is because of the symmetry that comes with a Shaker cabinetry; the flat centre-panel and square edge with minimal detailing or profiling. There are no intricate carvings or ornamentation, just an effortlessly chic kitchen that can be adapted to any style of home, from farmhouse cottages in the country to modern townhouses in the city. That’s their secret to success. The utilitarian approach of shaker cabinets means they have been purposefully-designed to work in total harmony with a wide spectrum of designs: traditional, country, modern and minimalist that adapts to every style and personality. 

No.3: Simple Customisation

Shaker cabinets are about simplicity, that much we know. But that’s also what makes them the perfect choice for almost-unlimited customisation. From the knobs you attach to the cupboards to the handles on the drawers, wooden worktops or quartz and, best of all, the colour palette you choose to bring your kitchen to life. The point is: shaker cabinets are ideal for customising.  It all takes once glance at our Instagram feed to get an idea of the freedom available to you. Green, blue, black, teal, turquoise, grey, olive, burgundy, cream, white and so much more.

The trick is to create a mood board as early as you can in the process. There’s just no easier way to get creative and organised as you put all your visual ideas, inspirations and details together into one cohesive space, so make sure you play around with the different customisation options when you’re planning a kitchen renovation. 

No.4: Much Less Hassle

You know how life is. It’s full-on. It’s busy with this and jam-packed with that, and trying to find that elusive point where you’ve found a work-life-social balance is no easy task. That’s why more and more people are opting for solutions that make life easier, tasks quicker and everything less stressful, and shaker kitchens have always addressed that. Thanks to their flat and plain surfaces that are void of any unnecessary details, shaker cabinets are the easiest to maintain and clean, with no lines or gaps to test your patience. Instead, you easily remove any type of grease, oil residue, dust and dirt with minimal effort. 

No.5: Fun and Functionality

By design, shaker kitchens make life in the kitchen easier by making it bespoke to the wants, needs, habits and personalities of the owner. Drawers, cupboards, islands, larders, everything is designed with precision so that each kitchen can be fitted to each individual.

From creating a prep station inside a larder to hiding appliances behind cabinet doors, adding our clever chopping board and tray storage options to ensuring there is larger, clearer work space, shaker kitchens are about finding the perfect balance between fun and function, personality and practicality, and making the best use out of every inch of space. 

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