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Kitchen Storage Ideas To Hide Behind Closed Doors

By September 9, 2022No Comments
Green farmhouse kitchen island

Every kitchen is different. They’re a combination of your personality, lifestyle and practical needs. But whether you’re an enthusiastic cook, a keen entertainer or a work-from-homer, there’s one overarching requirement every kitchen demands: clever kitchen storage. That’s the secret to ensuring the beating heart of your home is both functional and enjoyable to live in. 

From practical pantries to under-the-sink storage, creative cabinets to multi-functional islands, we’ve pulled together a list of innovative ways you can unleash your kitchen’s full potential using creative storage ideas. So get ready to bookmark this webpage and then label it ‘top tips and advice’ because you’re about to upgrade your kitchen culture. 

Assessing Your Needs

When it comes to an Olive & Barr kitchen, our experienced design team works with you from the very beginning of your renovation journey, focussing on your wants, needs and lifestyle before  designing, crafting and manufacturing your very own bespoke kitchens. Translation: we don’t do ‘one size fits all’ kitchens. Instead, we make them functional and personal to you. 

As such, when you start assessing your storage needs, we like to pay as much attention as possible to the way you use your space and the kitchen lifestyle you lead. From the number of people in your family to the way you grocery shop, whether you’re an enthusiastic chef, a fan of cupboards or drawers and everything else in between. Once we have the full-picture, that;’s when the magic begins and we can start creating a shaker kitchen that will work for you for years and years. 

The Perfect Pantry

If there’s one thing the modern family kitchen requires more than anything else, it’s storage space.That’s where a bespoke pantry becomes worth its weight in gold, offering you both organisational value and a versatility that’s designed to suit your kitchen needs and daily routine. From adding spice racks to the inside of your doors to arranging the rest of your pantry space in such a way that your mornings are made simple with everything you need to wake-up and get to it without any hassle. And the best part: once you’re done, you can simply close the doors and hide the clutter until you have time to tidy.

Multi-Functional Kitchen Island

Every dream kitchen shares the same core principles: personality, functionality and storage, which is why everyone dreams of having a kitchen island. From the extra worktop space to the additional seating area, kitchen islands have become a must-have feature for one very good reason: they provide a simple solution to every kitchen’s wants and needs. And that’s just the beginning. Pack it full of storage options, incorporate a whole host of state-of-the-art appliances,  or make your life easier with the kind of little details that make a big difference: bookshelves, power outlets, deep-pan drawers, anything to suit your lifestyle. 

Wine Fridge

As tempting as it might be to store wine in a standard kitchen fridge, they are designed to keep food very cold and dry, which is far from ideal for your wine. Purpose-built wine fridges, however, are designed to maximise your storage space while also enhancing your wine-sipping experience with optimal conditions, from temperature to taste to humidity. And the best part: our team of design experts will work with you to find a solution based on your kitchen layout. That could be a large wine fridge housed in our bespoke cabinetry or a small wine cooler that is built into your kitchen island. Your kitchen, your choice.

Under The Sink Storage

Almost everyone uses the space under their sink to store their cleaning products and dishwasher tablets, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a disorganised mess. That’s why we designed a beautiful storage solution that utilises every inch of space beneath your sink, including a pull out drawer and shelves fixed to the inside of your cabinet doors so that you can keep organised, clutter-free and able to maximise your time.

Harvest Table

At first glance, our harvest tables look as though they were simply designed to make a space feel light and bright, cosy and warm. But they were also carefully designed to make the most of your kitchen space. From the extra counter space to the creatively built-in chopping boards, as well as oak slat shelves for you to store anything from pots and pans to bottles of wine, our harvest tables were designed to be the perfect alternative to a kitchen island, affording you plenty of versatility depending on what you need. 

Hidden Functionality

We’re addicted to creativity. To innovation and design, especially those ideas that help you make the most of your kitchen in terms of space, functionality and disguise, which is exactly what these downdraft hobs by Neff celebrate. Hidden beneath two chopping boards, these state-of-the-art hobs are combined with a  cooktop and extractor system. Essentially, it’s a compact design to suit every kitchen. 

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