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10 Kitchen Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022

By December 21, 2021No Comments
10 Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

Kitchens have always been the beating heart of the home, yet they became so much more during the pandemic. They became our go-to space for everything – the place where we’d bake another batch of sourdough bread, work from home on non-stop Zoom calls, cook fancy meals when we couldn’t go out, play board games with the family, homeschool the children, complete Netflix one series at a time and aimlessly scroll through Pinterest. In short, kitchens have transformed into the everything room – multifaceted and practical yet comfy and personal – and so many have discovered a whole new level of appreciation for kitchens since.

That is what 2022 will celebrate. This change in function and feeling has changed the way people view their kitchens and the way they use them. No longer just a utilitarian space to prepare and serve food in, we asked our designers to share their predictions for 2022’s most popular kitchen trends

From subtle design details to clever storage solutions, here’s how to revamp your kitchen in 2022.

Green Cabinetry

After spending more time inside than we’re maybe used to, people everywhere began daydreaming of life outside, which is why more and more people are bringing the colours of Mother Nature into their homes, and green kitchen cabinets are a great way to do that. From very subtle sage greens that let you play around with neutral shades to deep forest greens that give your space a dramatic yet exciting pop of colour, there is so much scope for you to have fun with. Trust us, green really is the most versatile and nature-inspired hue. 

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Much loved pets and well-loved homes have always gone hand-in-hand but, over the past two years, more people have welcomed a new pet into their home than ever before. As such, looking for ways to make your kitchen more pet-friendly will be one of the trends to take off in 2022. It’s about finding ways to help incorporate them into the heart of your home. That’s where creative storage options will become even more premium, with cubby holes built-in to kitchen islands and toe-kick space being utilised to accommodate your furry friend all become more and more common. 

Pops of Colour

Colours have been steadily making their way back into kitchens in recent years, and the treend is only going to accelerate in 2022 thanks to the pandemic. Having spent more time in our kitchens than ever before, and for a multitude of reasons, a lot of people are looking for ways to add their personalities to this space. It’s about adding fun to the function of a kitchen with pops of colour, bold paint palettes, charming combinations and giving personality more of a centrestage. From painting your kitchen island a different colour to your cabinets to opting for unusual shades that make a space feel warm, homely and cosy, colour is making a huge comeback. 

Textured Surfaces

Textures are nothing new when it comes to interior design, but they’ve been almost exclusively reserved to living rooms and bedrooms until now, which has a lot to do with kitchens becoming more open-plan, relaxing and enjoyable. So in 2022, expect to see a lot more grainy timber worktops, brushed metals, textured stone finishes & polished concrete worktops becoming commonplace. Not only will this give your space more dimensions and layers, it will also add a new feeling of sophistication to your kitchen as they bring together contrasting aesthetics.

Personality & Practicality

Probably our favourite trend in recent years, kitchens are moving away from sleek, streamline, practicality-first designs and into a realm where personality has more prominence. People want their kitchens to be an extension of themselves; a place that reflects their daily lives as well as personal style. Translation: people want their kitchen to feel more lived-in. So expect to see more curated clutter, trinkets on display, mismatched crockery, artwork on the walls, unusual furniture and colours.

Beautiful Backsplashes

Every kitchen is made up of a hundred different moments, but none is more subtly eye-catching than a standout backsplash. That could be a rustic looking mirror that creates a bigger sense of depth, a wall of flawlessly porous stone that steals the spotlight or a colourful marble that creates a sense of wow everytime you walk in the room. And the best part: these standout backsplashes can celebrate every kind of kitchen design, from old farmhouse kitchens to modern townhouses. It’s just a matter of choosing the right option for your look. 

Light Blue is The New Navy

When we spoke to our designers, we came away sure of one thing: navy blue cabinets are timeless. Strong, confident and classic. However, the soft pastel feeling you get from light blue is both tranquil and light, making it an ideal option for almost every kind of kitchen. Whether you have a small cottage kitchen or a large open-plan space, pastel blues are incredible at bringing a soothing, calming and relaxing atmosphere into what is the busiest space in almost-every home. Yet it’s the versatility of light blue that makes it such a strong option as it works in harmony with such a wide variety of textures, such as marble, wood and brass, all of which have become staple materials in a kitchen.

Concrete Worktops

It’s okay. You can stop pinching your arms and rubbing your eyes now, you read that right. Concrete worktops, a trend that is far from reserved to industrial-style kitchens because this material can be used in almost any style kitchen, from coastal to modern. That’s why concrete has been taking off as a coveted material for a couple of years now with 2022 ready to keep the movement going as more and more homeowners look to concrete for their worktops and beyond. What’s more, it’s typically a less expensive option than marble and stone, can be self-installed relatively easily and makes for one incredibly eye-catching statement in any kitchen. 

Pantries & Larders

One of our all-time favourite kitchen features is trending once more: the kitchen larder — and it’s coming back bigger and better than ever. Whether it’s the Marie Kondo effect, a return to more old-fashioned ways or the cottagecore trend, larders and pantries are about organisation and making the most of the space available using a myriad of clever storage options hidden behind their doors. And on top of this practicality, kitchen larders also add an extra pinch of charm, nostalgia and practical advantages. Essentially, the way our designers see it, the kitchen is evolving to meet modern needs and a pantry space is an important part of that in terms of storage, style and additional preparation stations.

Cottage Style Kitchens

For a lot of people, big open kitchens are the dream. But cottage kitchens are making an incredible comeback, growing in popularity as kitchen designers prove just how creative they can be with a small space as their canvas. Think built-in storage solutions, giving every nook and cranny a role or function, and celebrating the cosy vibes with paler-coloured cabinets and worktops, all brought to life with exciting details. That’s what a cottage kitchen does best. They feel lived in, so much so you’ll want to stay home.

Thanks for reading. For more kitchen designs and cooking inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook — or come and visit us at one of our kitchen showrooms.

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