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8 Houseplants That Will Thrive in Any Kitchen

By January 6, 2022No Comments
8 Houseplants That Will Thrive in Any Kitchen

Repeat after us: this year I’m going to fill my kitchen with houseplants. And you should because every room deserves a bit of living greenery, especially the kitchen where you spend so much of your time cooking, working, socialising and relaxing. 

From adding a splash of personality to your most practical room to bringing the calming qualities of nature into your home, to purifying the air around you, there are so many benefits to filling your kitchen with houseplants. The question is: what plant species can actually thrive in your kitchen? 

As with everything, that all depends on the way your home is set up and what your kitchen layout is like – which way your windows face, the natural light, worktop space, how big or small your kitchen is, how often you cook and so much more, all of which can have an affect on how well your houseplants thrive. 

So to help you out, we’ve rounded up a collection of plants that are known to grow in different light levels, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures. From plants that hang down from the top of your cabinets to those that love life on a window sill, here are the best houseplants to dot around your kitchen. 

Chinese Evergreen

Originating from South-East Asia, the Aglaonema (a name that means bright thread, referring to the beautiful pattern on its long green leaves) is normally found basking in the dappled light beneath tropical trees. But more recently, the Chinese Evergreen has become one of the most popular houseplants for one overarching reason: it’s wonderfully low-maintenance. In fact, it hardly needs any light or water, making it the perfect addition to that dark corner in your kitchen. Translation: you can hardly go wrong.

Spider Plant

One of the most iconic houseplants in the world, the spider plant has become a classic indoor addition for years and years thanks to the fact it is incredibly easy to grow and care for. But the reason we love this plant so much is the extra layer of texture it can add to a kitchen. Curly or straight leafed, they can be added to the top of your cabinetry or placed in a pot on your countertop. And the best part: they love both bright light and darker spots, as well as all levels of humidity and temperature, meaning they’ll thrive wherever you pop them.

Aloe Vera

This air-purifying succulent has found a way to adapt to almost every environment you can imagine, which is only possible because of its ability to store water in its long, beautiful leaves. Yet its super-cute aesthetics are only half the reason this plant will look so dreamy on your wooden worktop because the gel inside its leaves have been used for soothing burns since the 16th Century. So the next time you accidentally burn yourself while cooking, simply snap off a stem and use the gel to make you smile again. 

Snake Plant

If you’ve never taken care of a plant before, a snake plant is the best place to start for one reason: it’s practically unkillable. In fact, you only need to water them once a month in the spring and summer, and then you get to just sit back and appreciate its decorative beauty. What’s more, they thrive in direct light and survive in darker environments, so you can pop them in any part of your kitchen you want. Oh and, these plants are experts at storing up oxygen overnight and then releasing it in the day, making it a great air cleanser.

Zanzibar Gem

Whether you know this fan-favourite as the zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ plant, Zanzibar gem or the Fern arum, the truth remains the same: this plant is used to extreme weather, surviving extended periods of drought and then non-stop downpours. That’s what makes it such an excellent, easygoing houseplant, and perfect for your kitchen. What’s more, this plant has an eye-catching shine to it that will bring your space to life in a totally unexpected way. 

Devil’s Ivy

This might just be the perfect houseplant. Able to live happily ever after in almost any light conditions, she loves a room with lots of moisture and bright spots, so pop her on the window sill in front of your kitchen sink – or on top of the nearest cabinet – and watch her blossom. This really is one of the most impressive hanging plants and one that will give you incredible results without any effort at all. 

Corn Plant

This delightful looking evergreen knows just how to add a bit of character to any space, adding a subtle tropical feel to your kitchen even on the greyest of grey days. What’s more, they are wonderfully low maintenance too. Simply stick your finger in its soil every week and add water if it comes out dry. Easy peasy. That said, if you find the perfect spot to put him, you might find your corn plant rewards you with small white flowers. 

Venus Fly Trap

As the name suggests, these snappy little plants are actually carnivorous, luring in flies and other bugs before closing its mouths and, well, snacking on them. That’s what makes them such an ideal addition to any kitchen because, while they won’t totally get rid of your kitchen pests, they will certainly help. So place a couple on your windowsill (or wherever flies tend to congregate) and then enjoy both their cute appearance and fly-eating abilities. 

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