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Autumnal Kitchen Trends That Looks Perfect All Year

By September 28, 2022No Comments
Autumn kitchen trends

It’s that time of year again when the sun starts to drop a little earlier in the day, there comes a nip in the air, your jumper drawer gets all the attention, pumpkin-spiced everythings become your favourite flavour and leaf peeping is all you want to do on your chilly walks. Yet the very best thing about the arrival of autumn is the chance to add some warmth and comfort to your kitchen with a seasonal makeover.

So instead of grumbling about the longer nights and colder days, get ready to embrace the autumn by making a few changes here and there to create a cosy, homely and seriously hygge space with these delicious (and easy) trends:

Pantries Are Just Perfect For Autumn

There’s nothing we love more than welcoming autumn with a little rejig and a declutter as we prepare for the colder season. It’s our chance to get our kitchen in order, shuffling our appliances around, bringing our favourite winter spices forward and getting everything ready for the indoor party season – and you should try it too. Rework your worktops, reshuffle your spice racks, sort out your wine collection, move your mason jars around and make your larder more suited to the way you live your lives come autumn. Anything that will make your kitchen life easier. 

Rustic Finishes Are Everything

You don’t need to live in a restored farmhouse or converted barn to embrace a touch of rusticity, especially in autumn. Think timber beams, wooden worktops, exposed brick walls, rattan furniture, metal accents, cotton details and clay-like ceramics; anything that brings the outside into your home, transforming your kitchen into a warm n’ cosy escape. It’s about creating an earthy yet luxurious look, whether that’s a total overhaul from the floorboards up or simply adding details and layers that achieve the desired outcome. 

Colours That Are Luxurious, Bold & Oh-So-Autumnal 

When it comes to creating an autumnal ambience, colour is everything, according to our in-house interior designers. “Navy blues, gunmetal greys and deep greens are all on trend right now, and have been for a while for good reason. They’re colours that add depth, warmth and snugness to a kitchen in a way that subtly matches the changing seasons outside.” This could be done with painted cabinets and neutral backsplash, or it could be a simple matter of adding accessories to your space: linen tablecloths, chair cushions, rugs or more. That’s how to create the perfect transitional colour scheme.

Brass Hardware is Heavenly 

Creating a look, a feel, an atmosphere is all about the details, and brass fittings know exactly how to celebrate autumn. As subtle as it may be, brass accents add another layer of warmth to your space whilst also bringing in a delicate sense of luxury. Yet it’s the way brass softly reflects the sun as it pours in through the window that has the most mesmeric effect, the changing colours of sunrise through to sunset mirrored in the glimmery accents. From drawer handles to cupboard knobs, light fittings to kitchen appliances, there are so many ways to use brass details to add some warmth to your space. Trust us: this tiny tweak can elevate your kitchen in ways you never expected.

Create Ambience With Layers

Nothing says autumn chic quite like layers, and that’s without even thinking about your home. Scarves, jumpers, cardigans, coats, hats, we all love layering up come Autumn, and our kitchens are the same. Yet it’s not just about the extra layer of warmth they bring, it’s about the additional textures that create a new sense of depth. Think soft furnishings, such as rugs and blankets, curtains, cushions and anything else that makes you go mmmmm. That’s how to create a kitchen that fills you with all the feels the moment you walk in. What’s more, these new layers will also add a new sense of colour and possibly patterns that welcome in autumn. 

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