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Kitchen Trends

These Are The Kitchen Trends To Watch For in 2023

By January 6, 2023January 26th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to appreciating the little things, a beautifully designed kitchen is all we need. More than just a space where we spend a delicious dollop of time with the family, as we cook and eat, dance and play, socialise and, well, work; these rooms have a way of balancing so much at once. They’re a unique space that needs to delicately blend timeless features and playful colours, patterns and textures, and then reflect your personality as well as your design aesthetic. And keeping your kitchen fresh and modern goes way beyond those just planning a full-scale remodel. It’s about creating a hub for your home that you never tire of, from dawn until dusk and sometimes beyond. 

That could mean changing up the tiles on your backsplash, adding a new coat of paint to your shaker cabinets, playing around with some artisan details or simply trying to create a more cosy feel. One thing is for sure: when it comes to giving your kitchen a little refresh, make sure the focus is on what your kitchen needs and not just the latest trends. After all, creating a space that’s personalised to you will never fall out of vogue. 

Eco-Friendly Materials

The world needs us to be more conscious with our decisions in all walks of life, and that includes our kitchens. So if you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover, or even have a new kitchen installed, commit to an increased focus on environmental sustainability by choosing kitchen products that are kinder to the planet. Kitchen worktops made from natural materials, energy-saving appliances, pre-loved trinkets and anything else you might stumble across on your Pinterest scroll.

Multifunctional Spaces

The world has changed and the kitchen has evolved. Once a place for prepping food, the kitchen has become so much more. Cooking, dining, socialising, unwinding, working, everything, and this shift toward a more multifunctional role doesn’t look likely to slow down as the kitchen continues to be embraced for all aspects of life, from working to entertaining to serving up delicious meals. 

Personality and Practicality

The past few years have all been about embracing the nuances that make us unique and different. They’ve been about embracing the things that make us tick and smile and feel all the feels, and the kitchen is the perfect place to reflect those personalities in a way that creates a unique space full of soul and style. That’s what 2023 will celebrate. A bigger trend towards customisable kitchen designs, including freestanding kitchens; the kind that allow people to choose everything from the layout to the finishes, and then move them around as and when they want a kitchen refresh.

Health & Wellness

Step into a kitchen full of drawers and cabinets and something inside you twangs. Part of that is the aesthetics, but there is a much more innate resonance that appeases our more basic need to prioritise our health and wellness. That’s why our design team are expecting to see a big trend towards kitchen designs that embrace healthy living, especially those that promote healthy eating and cooking. What that looks like is plenty of storage for fresh ingredients, from pantries to larders, as well as more built-in features like juicers and herb gardens.

Mixed Metals

Celebrating materials such as wood, stone and marble throughout the kitchen has long been popular due to their natural beauty and durability, and mixing metals is a new extension of that trend. We’re going to see a lot more kitchens finished off with different blends and combinations. Brass and bronze, stainless steel and nickel, copper and more. The reason: mixing finishes will give your kitchen a visually rich and inviting look.

Blues & Greens

Every colour has its heyday, and next up seems to be blues and greens. We’ve already seen a shift toward people embracing these soft, gentle and calming undertones throughout their kitchens as a way of creating a refreshing change, and our interior design team are expecting this to continue thanks to the gentle drama and subtle depth it creates. It immediately creates a focal point that draws the eye, while adding a sense of interest and contrast. And if you’re worried about creating a kitchen that feels overly trendy, opt for deep hues to create a more classic look that feels timeless.

Functional Islands

The latest revolution when it comes to the kitchen island has all been about creating depth and drama, swapping the all-white island for those that inject colour into the kitchen. This year, though, the big kitchen island trend will be all about purpose and function. From extra storage space to a breakfast bar that doubles up as a work-from-home station, kitchen islands will be about serving multiple purposes (while still embracing a contrast of colour). 

Artisan Details

“Why blend in when you were born to stand out.” That seems to be the mantra for the modern kitchen owner as more and more people use their space as a way of showcasing artisan finds, travel trinkets and artistry. Artisan tiles, decorative handles, handcrafted pottery, travel finds, family heirlooms and one-off artworks are all becoming more popular as people look to highlight their stories, journeys and personalities more and more. They’re details can add a layer of depth that goes beyond just aesthetics, as they add a sense of comfort and beauty to your kitchen in a way nothing else can, and in a way that can’t be imitated. 

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