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A Peek Inside Our Latest Project: High Barnet

By February 25, 2022February 26th, 2022No Comments

Upping sticks and moving into some delicious place in the countryside isn’t a new dream, especially when you look back at the last 2 years. But this project of ours makes it even more appealing. But here’s the best bit: this place in the countryside is actually in High Barnet, North London – a place close enough to the hustle and bustle of big city life, yet somewhere that celebrates the natural tones of the world outside, that bit of extra space and a connection with nature. That’s what inspired so much of this project. Open space, streaks of sunlight and a kitchen that feels as soothing as it does exciting. 

Welcome to our latest project: a space that is soothing yet chic, personal yet practical, fun yet functional. Translation: this kitchen is a rarity and that’s because it’s found a way to combine the clean lines, exciting tones and so much character. Looking at it with fresh eyes, that’s the real secret of this shaker-style kitchen. 

From the Castle Grey cabinets to the green and gold bar stools, the Nilestone worktops to the hardwood floors and velvet accents, this kitchen is a paradise of different textures that share enough commonalities to work in complete harmony with one another. And to top it all off, this beating heart of the home has floor to ceiling windows that look onto the world outside: a world of trees and shrubs, flora and fauna. What more could you want?

Think about it for a moment: when you close your eyes and picture your dream kitchen, certain things always pop up without a moment’s hesitation. A functional kitchen island. Check. Storage space that suits your wants and needs. Check. A colour palette that makes you smile no matter how many times you enter your kitchen. Check. A combination of state of the art appliances and the untouched character of your property. Check. But one thing that doesn’t get enough kudos in the world of kitchen design is a space’s ability to change with the seasons. That’s what makes this space so exquisite. 

The beautifully curved wall of windows is the perfect suntrap, natural light flooding in to highlight the delicate mix of creativity and calm inside while the owners get to enjoy the nuances of time on the outside. The buds of spring, the long days of summer, the eclectic colours of autumn and the cosy vibes of winter, all of them adjusting the feel of this kitchen in more ways than we could ever imagine. 

Yet of all the distinctive moments that make this kitchen so special, the subtle piece de resistancé for us are the details; the calculated mish-mash of harmonious details. The mix of open shelving and shaker cabinets, the brass hardware and practical island, the clever storage solutions and creative layout, the array of eye-catching textures and the all designed to showcase the standout features of this space. This is a kitchen exactly as it should be: tranquil, pragmatic and packed full of features.

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