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Our Country House Kitchen on Channel 4s Renovation Nation

By October 20, 2022No Comments
Olive & Barr country house kitchen as featured on Channel 4's Renovation nation

We have a special place in our hearts for mornings. Waking up to the sun filtering through the gap in the curtains we didn’t notice the night before. Stretching our arms up high as we sleepily stroll down the stairs, soaking up the blissful quiet and tranquil views of a world still snoozing. The scent of a freshly-made coffee and the sound of book pages flitting through fingers as we try to find the page we were on. The freedom to potter about an only slightly cluttered kitchen without any urgency or purpose. Yeah, we love the subtleties of any given morning. 

Yet some mornings stand out, and today was one of them, because today we discovered one of our very own kitchens has featured on Channel 4’s Renovation Nation; a project that has felt so incredibly special since we first stepped through the impressive front doors of this derelict Georgian Manor. 

The challenge was obvious from the outset, and yet our passion for creating timeless spaces that blend practicality with personality gave us the best kind of butterflies; the kind that made us want to start bringing Ben and Paul’s vision to life, which you can explore on their Instagram journey: The Country House Diaries. The way we see it, every kitchen has its own unique set of tests, but this felt different. This felt layered and complex. 

Handcrafting all of our cabinets, we wanted to create a showstopping space that would stand out at first glance yet fit in with the rest of this renovation. A kitchen that felt fun and functional, bold and beautiful, exciting yet timeless. We wanted to turn this incredible space into the beating heart of a home that deserved to be spectacular because that is exactly what this Cumbrian Georgian manor is: spectacular.

And so, with lashings of countryside charm, a thousand unique details and the beauty of open plan living, we set about creating a kitchen that celebrates the only things that matter: personality and practicality. From an old derelict country house to the ultimate kitchen for every occasion, this is a renovation as impressive as they come. 

From the endless kitchen island to the ceiling high backsplash, the mix of open shelving and bespoke cabinetry, parquet flooring, beautiful back kitchen, contrasting colours and unique details everywhere you look, this is a kitchen that can do it all. Prepping a Sunday roast for twenty, hosting a drinks party for fifty and everything in between. 

And yet the thing that really makes this kitchen so special is all the natural materials and stunning textures and, of course, the spectacular views of the rambling English countryside that sits on the other side of the huge industrial-style windows. Trust us: this space is truly breathtaking – and you can see it all unfold for yourself on Renovation Nation. 

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