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The Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Every Kind of Foodie

By October 8, 2021No Comments
Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Every Kind of Foodie

From getting caught up in the Great Banana Bread pandemic of 2020 to keeping your sourdough starter alive to simply adding a few more wow-factor recipes to your kitchen prowess, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ve spent a lot more time in your kitchen recently. And we get it. Nothing feels more wholesome, awesome or accomplished than developing your culinary skills. That’s where Instagram comes in. 

While some people use it to follow their friends and family, more and more people are filling their feeds with Instagram foodies and the most exciting influencer chefs. Translation: it’s never been easier to discover new, inventive and accessible recipes as you scroll downward, salivating at the endless stream of delicious inspiration and top-down shots of beautiful food. After all, that’s what kitchens are for: to have fun experimenting with new mouthwatering dishes that you just discovered. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite food accounts on Instagram, for home-chefs and hungry-scrollers alike.

Zoe Adjonyoh 

Author of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Chances are, you’ve already heard Zoe’s name mentioned before, either by Nigella who described her cooking as “a total joy” or because you already have Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen open on your kitchen island. For those that have yet to uncover her mouthwatering dishes, though, Zoe is a master in West African cuisine, meaning you can plate up some serious delicious meals at home, each one packed full of incredible flavours. Think plantain bacon, marinated snapper, Jollof fried chicken and so much more. 

Noor Murad

Head of Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

If you’re into food, you’ve definitely heard of Ottolenghi, and probably heard of the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen. That’s where Noor Murad is known from. She is one of the most exciting recipe developer’s in the Ottolenghi test kitchen so, yepp, you’ve guessed it: her feed is packed full of colourful, flavoursome dishes. But best of all, it’s also full of advice on how you can make these dishes in your own kitchen. We’re talking sticky miso bananas, caramelized onion and fennel curries, cauliflower shawarmas and Greek-style hake. Everything you could dream of. 

Juliet Sear

TV Cook and Food Stylist 

Most famous for her role as a TV cook on This Morning, as well as the host of Juliet’s Baking Club, Juliet’s feed is the place to go for all things baking. From sourdough loaves with perfect aeration to delicious cookies n’ cream cheesecakes, red velvet cupcakes to a vegan crumble so tasty you might start having conversations about going full-time. And best of all, she has a Youtube channel that makes following along with her bakes oh-so-easy to do. 

Alexandra Dudley

Podcaster and serial dinner party host

From hosting her own podcast to writing a monthly podcast for Town & Country magazine to launching her own cookbook all about simple, sustainable and sensational foods from both the land and sea, this is an up-and-coming chef you’re going to fall in love with. That’s because Alexandra makes wholesome and homely dishes that will remind you of your childhood, but with modern twists to put a “wow, that tastes incredible” smile on your face. Side dishes, puddings, cocktails, salads, dinner party meals, you name it and she’ll show you how to cook it. Sticky baked miso aubergine, Ravioli Tricolore, Ginger and lemongrass noodle soup with crispy tofu — it’s all there.

Mob Kitchen

The new rockstars of the cooking world

To sum it up in a simple sentence: Mob Kitchen has brought cool back to cooking. They’re like rockstar foodies that set out to achieve one thing: help students and young professionals prepare restaurant-quality meals on a budget. Their secret: be themselves. From the dishes they share on their feed to the exciting new music they share in their cookbooks to the up and coming cooks they team-up with every week, the Mob Team have created a laid back and ‘get stuck in’ attitude you’ll want to enjoy in your own kitchen.

Clerkenwell Boy

“100 Coolest People in Food & Drink”

The anonymous food-editor known only as Clerkenwell Boy is possibly one of the best foodie-grammers in London and definitely one to follow if you live in the city. That’s because his account is one endless highlight reel of the best dishes London has to offer. Period. But it’s not just about which hot spots and underground eateries you should visit, but also his top tips on what dishes you should absolutely order. Of course, it’s not just about eating out because Clerkenwell Boy also shares his favourite recipes so that you can recreate the magic in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Dedicated to EVERYTHING food

Curated by food-obsessed duo, Jenny and Teri, this account is a combination of ridiculously delicious dishes displayed in the most mouthwatering ways. That’s because Jenny is a world-famous food stylist and Teri is the most incredible photographer. But their feed isn’t just a masochistic look at foods you’d never be able to recreate because they also share steps on how you can whip their creations up at home, and they make it so easy too. From Irish breakfast nachos (complete with waffle fries) to butter chicken and perfectly charred flatbread. 

Vegan Ventures

Vegan foodie & content creator

Whether you’re looking for ways to make Veganuary more than just cauliflower dishes, you really wanted to make the leap into veganism full-time or you are already a fully-fledged vegan, this is the account you need to bookmark. From chow mein noodles to a jackfruit plantain boat, this vegan foodie explores endless recipes that will help you reinvent (and fall in love with) your favourite green stuff. 

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