Poet’s Corner

Pointing (Farrow & Ball)


One quick glance at this kitchen and you realise you’re in a space that is cute, chic and totally unique, which is exactly what Poet’s Corner celebrates. Hiding on the edges of Brockwell Park, we helped the owner transform this space into a place that soothes and excites, inspires and relaxes, the plethora of textures working together to create so much depth and intrigue. From the exposed brick to the copper worktops, the array of plants to the mismatched furniture, every aspect of this kitchen works in harmony to highlight the bespoke cabinetry; the built-in larders, functional island and double-stacked cupboards all painted a delicate shade of Pointing to catch the eye and dance with each ray of natural light as it pours in through the windows. It all works perfectly in this decorative and delightfully cluttered space.

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