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6 Do’s & Don’ts For Smaller Kitchens

By June 30, 2021No Comments
6 Do's & Don'ts For Smaller Kitchens

For a lot of people, the dream has always been a huge kitchen dripping with forget-me-not features, and we get it. But there are so many reasons to take your smaller space and create a beautifully compact kitchen, and amongst those advantages is the ergonomics.

When designing a kitchen, the old kitchen triangle rule still applies, and with smaller kitchens, that work triangle is all but built-in, allowing you the most efficient use of space, especially when you’re preparing a meal. 

Of course, to get the most out of your small kitchen and turn it into the kitchen of your dreams, there are some do’s and don’ts worth knowing about (and then bookmarking in your browser), such as these:

Do Keep To A Simple Colour Scheme

When your space is smaller, choosing the perfect colours can make a huge difference to the way your kitchen feels by altering the sense of size, width, height and depth. That’s why we recommend opting for lighter, simpler colours, such as brilliant whites, gentle greys, blush nudes and soft pastel colours, all of which are simple yet stylish and work perfectly with smaller spaces. This is because more neutral colours are better at reflecting both natural and artificial light, and that is going to have a stunning and significant impact on the way your space is perceived. 

Don’t Welcome Clutter Into Your Space

It probably goes without saying, but the smaller your space the space there is for any clutter, so keep it at bay by storing it away. To do this, start by organising your cupboards and drawers, which are your biggest resource, and make sure everything has a dedicated space. That’s how to maximise what you do have in terms of storage. Now, the ideal solution for clutter would be a pantry, but even a narrow larder or a pull-out organiser would make a huge difference in keeping your space tidy, practical and organised.

Do Create A Statement

Every kitchen should celebrate a handful of show-stopping statements, no matter what size your space is. That could be original wood flooring or pretty patterned tiles that remind you of your trip to Lisbon, both of which would draw the eye down your kitchen creating a wow-factor that will also make your kitchen feel much bigger. Alternatively, you could opt for bold moments of colour, whether that’s an Everhot electric stove, retro-inspired bar stools, a mirrored backsplash behind your hobs or some standout accessories that make your worktops pop. Anything bright and bold that adds some personality to your space. 

Don’t Waste Any Space

When space is limited, you need to get creative with your storage solutions and how you use every inch you do have. That’s what we at Olive & Barr are experts in, finding unique and clever ways to maximise every inch of your kitchen. Rotating corner storage options that bring your cupboard’s contents to you, chopping boards that slot into your cupboards, under-the-sink organisers that keep all your cleaning products in place, door shelves on the inside of your larder doors, hooks added to the underside of your galley cabinets, the list is endless. The trick is using the space you have, either to store your kitchen items or to display them in plain sight, showing off your favourite pieces as statements of your personal style. 

Do Make Your Appliances A Priority

The defining features of a shaker kitchen are simplicity, functionality and practicality, all of which should be tailored to your lifestyle and your appliances should slot into that. As such, try to understand what your lifestyle entails and which appliances should take priority in your kitchen. It’s about assessing what you need and use the most. If you’re into cooking, that could be opting for a larger oven and bigger fridge, or you might want to prioritise space for a washing machine and dryer. Alternatively, speaking to our kitchen designers and choosing integrated appliances instead are a great way to save space while creating a uniform look for your smaller kitchen.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

There are a lot of ways to transform your space, but the most impactful is the lighting you choose. Simply put, it is one of the key elements in any stylish kitchen. From adding atmospheric statement lights above your breakfast bar to setting the mood with striplights hidden under your cabinets, there are so many ways to create a unique, stylish and elegant vibe to your kitchen. That said, it is vital you remember to let as much natural light flood your space too, so make sure you keep your window space clear and clean. Whatever you choose, though, the more light you incorporate, the bigger your space will feel.

For more information on the best kitchen layouts for your space, we have a virtual kitchen design service to help you plan your dream home. And for more kitchen designs and cooking inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook — or come and visit us at one of our kitchen showrooms.

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