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Survey Notes

Olive & Barr Survey Notes

Survey Notes

  • All measurements taken at the time of the survey will be true and accurate and are guaranteed by the Seller. Any alterations to walls, floor, ceilings and openings after the survey has taken place are the responsibility of the Buyer. An updated plan will be sent to the Buyer where applicable after the survey with details of any changes to the kitchen plans arising from the survey. These plans will form part of the sign off documents and it is the Buyers responsibility to check the plans are true and correct.
  • The base cabinets have 100mm void underneath and a 50mm void at the rear unless they have been modified under the instruction of the Buyer. Wall cabinets have 18mm void at the rear. It is the Buyers responsibility to ensure walls should have sufficient supports in order to hang the wall cabinets. The wall cabinets are secured by fittings that are between 2000mm and 2150mm from floor level.
  • Kitchen installation teams are responsible for a ‘dry fit’. This does not include any electrical or plumbing work. Were an appliance is integrated with a cabinet door attached, the kitchen fitters are responsible for fitting them into the aperture, attaching the door and bringing any electrical and plumbing connections into the appropriate location.
  • Our kitchens look better when fitted on a level floor. In the case where a floor is not deemed to be sufficiently level, an extra charge will be charged for adjustments to cabinetry in order to accommodate. This will be discussed with the Buyer before the work is carried out.
  • All freestanding appliances and integrated appliances not behind cabinetry doors will be left in their original packaging on site and installation is the responsibility of the Buyer. This includes ovens, hobs, microwaves, wine coolers and range cookers as well as any other appliances falling into this category.
  • Olive & Barr can except no responsibility for damage to the units as a result of the installing any of these items
  • A floor plan will be provided to the Buyer. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that all first fix plumbing and electrics are in the correct places before the installation of the kitchen. If it is necessary for cabling and pipework to come inside the cupboard, clear instructions need to be relayed to the kitchen fitters.
  • During the installation of the kitchen, it is essential that no tradespersons shall be working in the area where the kitchen fit is taking place other than the kitchen fitters.
  • After the installation of the cabinets, it is the Buyers responsibility to ensure that the cabinets are well protected and no damage or movement occurs. This is especially important where worktops are being fitted after an initial templating appointment has been carried out.
  • We offer a floor covering service, costed on request. Although great care is taken by both our delivery teams and kitchen fitters, if this service is not requested by the Buyer, Olive and Barr accept no responsibility for flooring under any circumstances throughout the whole of the property.
  • Sufficient access to the property is the responsibility of the Buyer. The Buyer is to ensure that there is adequate access regarding doors, openings, staircases etc for all cabinetry, appliances and worktops to be delivered.
  • It is responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that there is suitable parking for the delivery of the cabinets, appliances and worktops.
  • Olive & Barr reserve the right to cancel the installation if they feel that the site is not completed to a satisfactory standard or is deemed to be an unsafe working environment. The Buyer is liable for all costs in relation to travel and loss of earnings.

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