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Wooden Worktops

Traditional Deluxe Solid Wooden Worktops Add a Touch of Class

Traditional wooden worktops are timeless and elegant, providing an undeniable touch of class to your bespoke kitchen. Whether you choose oak, walnut, beech iroko, ash, maple or bamboo… with the right care your wooden worktop will last a lifetime.


Nothing can rival a classic oak worktop. Oak provides the icing on the cake of your bespoke handmade Shaker kitchen and uniquely, oak grows more beautiful with age. Our flawlessly beautiful oak worktops have a character each to their own thanks to the individual patina achieved by the the final cut and finish. Solid oak adds warmth and a timeless rustic beauty to your culinary space and adds a dramatic flair to any kitchen.


Luxuriously dark walnut is a stylish addition to your handmade Shaker kitchen. This rare, richly-grained wood creates a robust yet beautifully delicate worktop which, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime. A solid walnut worktop sits equally well in a contemporary kitchen as it does in a more traditional backdrop, and is sourced from an FSC-friendly environment. You won’t regret choosing a walnut worktop to adorn your new Shaker kitchen, we promise.


Our finest quality beech worktops are an elegant choice and have a prominent grain pattern to give interest to the eye. Beech worktops boast a rustic charm thanks to the prevalence of the deep reddish-hued heartwood. Hard-wearing and durable against everyday use, beech is the perfect timber to crown your handmade Shaker cabinetry.


Luxury iroko worktops hail from the wood of the Iroko tree on the west coast of Africa. Iroko worktops display a golden shimmer after being freshly oiled, the tone of which is uniquely alluring. This then darkens over time to a darker rich brown colour to create a seductive worktop which will look effortlessly stylish and bold when used in all styles of interiorscape.


Bamboo is harvested every 6 years and replanted frequently which makes it one of the world’s most sustainable woods. Bamboo worktops are not only deeply beautiful, but they have a very interesting grain pattern and are naturally watertight thanks to their unique structure. Bamboo work surfaces are a popular addition to the modern kitchen thanks to their natural tactility and charm.


Ash worktops are similar to those made in oak as they both display a swirling grain which displays the natural grain when oiled/varnished. Ash is one of the toughest hardwoods and commonly used for furniture due to its resistance to splintering. A beautiful solid ash worktop is a discerning choice for your kitchen and shows a real sense of style.


Stunning sapele wood is sometimes compared to mahogany thanks to its hard-wearing nature and intensely beautiful grain. The bright chestnut hues of a sapele worktop make it an easy choice for those looking for a kitchen worktop with versatility and durability.


Often used in staircases or flooring, Wenge is a dark hard wood which is so long-lasting and durable it is often dubbed ‘the granite of woods’! Wenge worktops are visually striking and provide a wonderful contrast when used alongside lighter contrasting woods. If you are looking for a luxurious and opulent addition to your new kitchen, you won’t go far wrong with a lavish Wenge worktop.


Zebrano wood has a delicate hay colour but boasts distinctive markings with narrow veining or “streaks” of colour resembling the marks of a zebra! This exotic wood makes a bold interior design statement;  zebrano worktops are guaranteed to create a stylish focal point to any family home.


Maple worktops have a fine handsome grain which gives them a uniform appearance. The honeyed hue gives a subtle warmth which is part of the reason maple worktops have long been a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Maple takes stain beautifully and will offer your new Shaker kitchen a golden  touch.


A cherry wood worktop will inject a brightness into your kitchen like only the beauty of natural wood can. Cherry worktops are easy to work with and are naturally resistant to rot, making them ever-popular among discerning clientele looking for a versatile and beautiful worktop option to finish the heart of their home.

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