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Green shaker kitchen with feature island and dark wood worktop

Kitchen Price Comparison

In order to compete in an ever-crowded marketplace we cut costs but never compromise on quality.

The Proof is in the Pudding…

If someone told you that you could have exceptional quality at around half the price you would think it was too good to be true, right? Well that’s exactly what we offer here at Olive & Barr. Because our workshops are located right here in the UK it means that clients don’t have to supplement the costs associated with offshore premises and cross-border trade. We pride ourselves on the fact that our kitchens are at least of equal quality (but usually superior to) the competition, but with the lowest prices in the marketplace.

We have carried out meticulous research (so you don’t have to) and are confident that our kitchens are some of the best quality, best value handmade Shaker kitchens you can buy in the UK today.

We took a classic small kitchen design and checked the price of our cabinetry against a whole array of other real wood, in frame kitchen suppliers. We feel the figures speak for themselves…..*

*all percentages taken from our price comparison research carried out 05/12/18

How much more expensive is the competition?





John Lewis of Hungerford


Harvey Jones


And you can choose to pay more of course, that’s your prerogative. But wouldn’t you rather choose Olive & Barr for your new kitchen, and use your spare hard-earned money on something else? (don’t forget to pack the sun cream!)

Navy shaker kitchen with bespoke cabinetry and open cupboards with food in.

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