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Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops are the crowning glory of your handmade kitchen

Whether you prefer classic natural stone, the warm reassurance of solid wood, or the ingenious construction of manmade materials, your worktop needs to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic as well as your family’s lifestyle. Bespoke means exactly that, and each kitchen is as unique as the family that uses it. Once we have designed the footprint of your kitchen cabinetry we then tailor your chosen worktop to fit seamlessly onto your bespoke kitchen.

Wooden Worktops

Traditional wooden worktops are timeless and elegant, providing an undeniable touch of class to your bespoke kitchen. Whether you choose oak, walnut, beech or bamboo, with the right care your wooden worktop will last a lifetime.

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Stone Worktops

Perhaps the most popular kitchen worktop choice in the UK, stone worktops cope easily with everyday use whilst boasting an unsurpassed durability and style. Granite, marble and quartz each have their own individual attributes which make stone worktops a versatile and stylish choice..

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