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Kitchens are, in many respects, the most important room in a home. How many hours are spent there preparing food, socialising as a family, experimenting with new recipes, or huddling around the kitchen table to play games, read, do homework or even work remotely?

And with so much time spent there, styling the kitchen is a key decision for most homeowners. It can change the feel of a room, accentuate the theme of the home and reflect personal tastes.

Kitchens are a major focal point for interior design and new trends are evolving all the time.

So, what’s new in kitchens, and what are the latest trends for 2020?

What are kitchen trends?

First let’s confirm – when we talk about trends for the coming year, we are referring to popular themes and styles that can inspire anyone who is planning a new or renovated kitchen.

General kitchen trends 2020

1. Create a Homely Hub

One of the driving forces in kitchen 2020 trends is towards creating a ‘lived in’ feel, and putting warm ambience and comfort high on the agenda. This means many kitchen designs are going back to being ‘homely’ – a household hub, rather than an uber-cool design statement. Shaker kitchens are the ideal style to create this ‘homely hub’, as they are classically simple, but functional and durable.

2. Add your individual feel

This is the era when anything goes in interior design. In 2020, personal preference outweighs preconceived notions of what’s ‘ideal’ and generic kitchen templates.

The result is a general move towards individualising rooms. This includes creating kitchens that reflect the lifestyles, preferences and tastes of the homeowners. Meaning that commissioning your own kitchen plan and installation is likely to be even more popular in the coming months, as homeowners stamp their own character on this pivotal room.

This is perhaps partly a reaction to political, social and financial uncertainty. Homeowners want to shut their front doors and be in their own special place. 

However, the individualised nature of kitchens in 2020 is also thanks to modern design and manufacturing prowess. The choice of paint colours, wall coverings, kitchen appliances and accessories is now vast. You can truly embrace the ‘anything goes’ school of interior design by mixing and matching to your heart’s content.

3. Keep it Simple

The individualised-nature of the 2020 trend doesn’t mean that clutter is in fashion though. Far from it. There are strong signs that streamlining will continue to be an interior design priority in kitchens.

This could include buying just a few, beautifully made fixtures and fittings, or investing in a pared-down shopping list of accessories and equipment. Less is more in modern kitchens, creating space to breathe and relax.

Kitchen Colours 2020

The free-flowing and open nature of kitchen design in 2020 extends to the use of colour.

Forget monochrome – unless that’s your personal preference! Kitchens in 2020 are likely to be in a wide range of colours, some may even involve using a whole palette of shades in the same space.

Blue and green are bold colour choices if you want to make a real statement with your kitchen. Green is impactful while being peaceful and uplifting. Blue is warm, homely and deeply luxurious.

Neutral coloured kitchens, like Ivory, are popular choices too though. They provide a blank canvas for doing a quick makeover with accessories, changing the character of the room without the need for an overhaul.

Hand-painted kitchen designs are the ultimate way to make your kitchen truly your own. At Olive & Barr, we hand paint all our Shaker kitchens in a range of colours, adding lustre and a subtle sheen.

Getting the 2020 Trends in Your Kitchen

A bespoke, handmade Shaker kitchen from Olive & Barr ticks all the boxes for 2020 kitchen trends. So if you’re looking for a kitchen that’s homely, unique to you, highly functional and superbly handcrafted, contact us now or visit one of our showrooms

And for more 2020 inspiration, browse our kitchen ideas.

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