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6 Tips For Creating A Moodboard For Your Dream Kitchen

By September 21, 2021No Comments
6 Tips For Creating A Moodboard For Your Dream Kitchen

Let’s get straight to it: a mood board is an easy, creative and organised way of getting all your visual ideas, inspirations and details together into one beautiful and cohesive space. That’s what makes them absolutely perfect for kitchen renovations and re-designs. 

From picking a colour palette to making a choice on materials, having a moodboard gives you a place to compile all your ideas from the moment you start planning your new project. Of course, it’s not just about having somewhere pretty to focus all your ideas in one place; they also help your kitchen designer get the clearest idea of what your dream kitchen looks like, whilst helping you make those tougher decisions without any regrets. 

So with that in mind, here are our expert’s top tips to pulling together an effective moodboard to help you plan out your new kitchen renovation. 

What exactly is a moodboard?

A moodboard is simply a place to save, collect and experiment with different ideas and inspirations, whether they be colours, materials, textures, fittings, layouts, hardware, appliances or anything else that inspires. These could be images from magazines, photographs on Instagram, an accessory you saw at a friend’s house or a colour you’ve always loved. Anything

And collecting these ideas is just the start because, once here, these ideas start to become a reality, helping you to truly visualise your space and your kitchen designer to bring your visions to life. Of course, there will still be options you are torn between and decisions you struggle to make, but having all your inspirations in one place will help you pinpoint any themes, schemes and styles you may have subconsciously curated. 

Now that we’ve covered that, here’s what to consider when creating your dream kitchen mood board:

1. Always Put Your Own Happiness First

This is your space, your kitchen, your favourite room in your home — so make sure you’re only choosing things that will add to your happiness. Fill your space with things that will make you smile every time you walk in, whatever those things might be. Forget about flash-in-a-pan trends or what the colour of the month is on your favourite Instagram page and go with your own personal preferences. Choose a colour that feels uplifting, a layout that suits your style and cabinets that work with your kitchen habits. Always. 

2. Don’t Think About The Future Too Much

We get it. Considering how your choices might affect what the resale value of your home down the line makes sense. That said, almost-all potential buyers will either consider having a new kitchen installed or they’ll have the cabinets painted to suit their own personal tastes. So forget about all that and design the kitchen of your dreams. This is your kitchen and if you want that kitchen to have royal blue cabinets and turquoise island, bring that vision to life. 

3. Let Your Personality Shine 

There are a thousand ways to sprinkle your personality throughout your kitchen, so make sure you have a special place on your moodboard for these ideas. That could be with the colour scheme you go with, it might mean playing around with accessories, it could mean getting creative with storage solutions, visualising what goes where, how you want your larder to work, where you’ll display your collection of travel trinkets or what kind of backsplash you’ll go for. Whatever it is, make sure it celebrates your personality as much as it matches the overall look of your kitchen.

4. Decide On The Textures You Want

Kitchens offer an incredible opportunity to play around with different textures, and having a moodboard will help you decide which style excites you most. That could be a farmhouse feel full of exposed features and wooden worktops, an industrial vibe that combines polished concrete with stainless steel hardware, or a minimal feel with state-of-the-art appliances and chrome accents everywhere you look. Surface textures are a big part of a kitchen’s overall aesthetic, so focusing a part of your moodboard on this area is essential. 

5. Organising Your Moodboard

There’s a reason why Pinterest is so popular when it comes to collecting your ideas in one place. Not only is it an endless source of inspiration for dreamy kitchen designs, but it also lets you create dedicated boards for each different aspect of your kitchen so that you can quickly flick between this and that as you visualise the finished project. You don’t have to use Pinterest, however. With so many dedicated mood board apps for you to choose from, it’s just a matter of research, trying them out and going with the one that’s right for you.

6. Details Provide More Depth

When visualising your dream kitchen, it always makes sense to focus on the fundamentals first; the colour schemes, the layout, the cabinetry, flooring and worktops and these will be the foundations of your kitchen. But once you’ve done that, start creating some depth to your ideas with the smaller details — and have fun with it. Consider the pieces that will bring life to your space, pieces that will fill it with your individual style and personality. 

Artwork, wooden chopping boards, herb gardens, planters, tea towels, aprons, kitchen knives, crockery, pots and pans. The sort of accessories that will add depth and detail to your space. Experiment and work with your inspiration, until you’ve found the perfect selection of pieces to suit your design. This is your chance to experiment with the little things that will make your kitchen your kitchen and store these ideas in one place, so have fun finding your style. 

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